Can I fix my credit score or credit report on my own? 

Yes you can!  Many consumers want to fix their credit report on their own.  Some consumers have read, that DIY credit repair, per the Federal Trade Commission, is just as effective as any credit repair company's services.  

Am I allowed to contact the credit bureaus myself? 

Yes and you are encouraged to if you have any questions about your reports.  You can review a free report from the credit bureaus at, once a year. 

How long does it take to see results? 

Credit bureaus have 30 to 45 days to respond to credit information inquiries and disputes.  It usually takes about 45 to 60 days for a client to begin seeing credit repair results.  It is important for consumers to understand that their credit wasn't damaged overnight, it takes time to get to this point and it will take time to repair it.

After I enroll with Elite, am I still required to pay my bills?  

Yes you are still required to pay your bills.  Credit repair is only to correct inaccuracies on your credit report, it does not eliminate your debts.  Failure to pay your current debts can interfere with your credit optimization strategy severely.  

Can I pay for an Option all at once?  

NO and you should not be required to!  Anyone who tires to get you to pay for work that has not been completed is just trying to get your money!  At Elite Credit Center we only charge for the work that has been completed. 

Can you remove accurate, verifiable, timely information? 

NO we cannot.  If someone is telling you they can they are lying!   Creditors have the legal right to report accurate information to the credit reporting agencies.  If the creditors choose to exercise this right negative information may take up to 7 years for the items to be removed from your credit report. 

Will repairing my credit increase my credit score? 

When negative items are deleted from credit reports, the credit score generally increases.  However there are other factors that affect credit scores, such as: 

  • Managing your credit cards.  If you are all maxed out on your credit cards, even if you are not late your credit score will be negaitively affected.  Try not to use more than 30% of your available credit on your credit cards. 

  • Current activity.  It is important to be timely with all of your current open accounts.  If you are 30 days late with one credit card this month that can have a more damaging effect on your credit score than a 90day late payment that occurred 2 years ago.  

  • ​Credit inquiries.  Every time you apply for something it is listed as an inquiry on your credit report.  Too many inquiries can decrease your score, or mean you are going to incur more debt. 

Why should I consider credit repair? 

Elite Credit Center is one of the best credit repair services available because we get results!  At Elite Credit Center we eliminate the stress of DIY by continuing to provide personalized service for our thousands of individual, active clients.  

If you have bad credit, inaccurate or unverifiable information, a desire to improve your credit rating and you don't have the time to write letters and chase down creditors Elite Credit Center is the credit repair service for you!   

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